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Founded in 2015 by the Eva&Greg duo, the Collectif Øpera's mission is to produce large-scale, original, multidisciplinary and collaborative creations, about today and tomorrow's world. The collective brings together about thirty young artists with national and international influence, from all artistic disciplines. From chamber music to digital art, from graphic novels to cinema and theater. There are also more than 250 volunteers, forces from the world of business, researchers, journalists, workers, students or teachers, unemployed, and youth from both urban and rural areas. They are motivated to contribute to the creation of total art, which place the artistic proposal at the heart of the agora, by its capacity to decompartmentalize and elicit wonder. 

The first production emerge in 2017. “The Young Man & Darkness” is an Ultramodern Øpera, a multidisciplinary immersion into the tormented soul of the 25 year-old Nathanaël. Confronting nihilism, relativism, conspiracy, conformism and consumerism, it tells the story of a generation on a quest for meaning. For the duration of the show the public is immersed in the young man's head. They will see the world through the eyes and dreams of the character, his overflowing imagination and his altered perception of reality, setting them on an emphatic sensory and emotional journey. To tell Nathanaël’s story, Collectif Øpera brought together professionals from cinema, photography, graphic arts, theater and digital arts. It's the experience of an artistic, social, human decompartmentalization, where the process matters as much as the final result. Songs, electronic and orchestral music, subjectively experienced cinema, theater, atmospheric lighting, esoteric drawings, spellbinding choreographies, digital immersion and interactivity with the public during the show come together to tell this uncommon tale. 

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